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Program Schedule - All Times US Central

Monday - Friday

12a/p Old Time Radio Hour

All other hours This Is Music with Chuck Southcott


12a/p - The Great Music Club

2a/p - Seems Like Old Times

4a/p - Eyes Of A New York Woman

5a/p - Chef Michael on The Road

6a/p - The Jack Benny Program

6:30a/p - Gunsmoke

7a/p - Fibber McGee and Molly

7:30a/p - The Great Guildersleeve

8a/p - Father Knows Best

8:30s/p - The Mel Blanc Show

9a/p - Phillip Marlowe

9:30a/p - Richard Diamond

10a/p - Dragnet

10:30a/p - Gang Busters

11a/p  - LUX Radio Theater


All Day - This Is Music with Chuck Southcutt

Weekday OTR Programs

Mon-Fri 12a/p Fibber McGee & Molly

Mon-Fri 12:15a/p Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Monday 12:30a/p - Our Miss Brooks 

Tuesday 12:30a/p - Tales of The Texas Rangers

Wednesday 12:30a/p - The Saint Starring Vincent Price

Thursday 12:30a/p - Escape!

Friday 12:30a/p - George Burns and Gracie Allen

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